Welcome to The Cooks Next Door — a blog whose goal is to inspire you to creativity in your kitchen, richer times with family and friends, and a greater enjoyment of the gift of food. We are sisters (the oldest two of seven children) who have joined together to bring you into our kitchens, into our markets, and into our cooking lives. We believe food is more than just the fuel of life - we believe it is meant to be enjoyed and shared.

Our desire is to provide you with seasonal recipes that are delicious, achievable, and affordable. We want to encourage you in your own efforts to provide a well-rounded diet to your family and friends.

We are very excited about all the wonderful recipes and posts we have planned. We hope you will enjoy this blog and find it helpful whatever your current place in life is — cooking for one, cooking for a large family, learning to cook, or just enjoying the pictures.

We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and questions - you can e-mail us at thecooksnextdoor@gmail.com. We hope you enjoy!



While we, the cooks, certainly espouse supporting local farmers, eating healthy, and cooking from scratch, we are also  feeding our families on budgets. And while we might choose to occasionally splurge on ingredients, shop at the farmer's market, and use organic food, that does not comprise all of our shopping.  We both shop at conventional grocery stores and neither of use exclusively organic food.  You might even find the occasional prepared food in our cupboards, refrigerators,  or freezers...we're just saying...

We know that you won't think less of us and perhaps you'll feel even more at home here at The Cooks Next Door.


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