Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winner & Ask The Cooks

The names (and extra entries) were compiled and a random name was drawn from the bowl by someone other than us...




CHRIS!!!  We sent you an e-mail - just let us know your mailing address and we will get that out to you!

Thank you all for entering and for the great post ideas. We are so excited that many of your ideas are things we had already planned to post about!

We also want to announce that this Saturday, October 17, we will have an Ask The Cooks post answering some of the recent questions we have gotten in the comments. We will be discussing squash, cuts of roast and ways to cook it, getting your kids to eat healthy food, and more. We hope to have an Ask The Cooks feature fairly regularly so keep the questions coming. And if we don't answer your question specifically enough or soon enough, please don't hesitate to e-mail us!

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  1. okay I bought a shoulder roast. sooo terrible and tough and that is what the butcher told me to use.

    I get so confused with all the cuts:
    rounds and shoulders and rumps.