Saturday, January 2, 2010

Alaina's Kitchen News

Well, we thought you might like to occasionally hear about what actually goes down in our kitchens. And so we have decided to add a new feature of news from our kitchens. It will appear every once in awhile on Saturdays.

This week has been a doozy for me. I boiled my tea kettle dry to the point of sparks on the stove. I had toffee fail because it burned on the bottom despite the fact that I stirred it constantly. And finally, I made cheese fondue again for New Year's Eve and it was a royal disaster - the cheese simply would not incoroporate properly even though I did the same thing - it still tasted good but seriously...

So yeah, none of those were very shining moments in my kitchen this week - thankfully that was a rather extreme week. :)

On a bigger, brighter, and better news flash, after our extended family Christmas yesterday, I am the very pleased, happyexcited, ecstatic owner of a food processor!!! It is compatible with my Bosch mixer which thrills me to no end. Thanks, Grandma!

There you have it...a real-life week in the kitchen of Alaina. Oh but I must mention that I made bagels and they turned out a-m-a-z-i-n-g so it wasn't all bad! :) Anyway, let's hope for a better week come Monday.


  1. I owned a very beautiful red LeCruset tea kettle that I LOVED.

    Until I put on the water for tea one day and left the room and destroyed my poor tea kettle.

    Now I own an inexpensive kettle I bought at Meijers that has a whistle to tell me when it is ready.

  2. The bagels do look amazing Alaina! My favorite use of a food processor is making pie dough. It is so easy and contains the mess so well. Enjoy your new toy! :)