Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Change is in the Air

Dear Friends & Fellow Cooks,

We have been so delighted to be blogging here together for the past year. It has been fun as friends, as foodies, and as neighbors. We have enjoyed planning it and we have enjoyed wonderful meals and fellowship together. So it is with sadness that we announce some blog changes. Heather will be stepping down due to some very recent health concerns, issues, and diagnosis for their baby and herself. I fully support Heather in this difficult decision as she seeks to care for her family and for her health.

She may occasionally decide to drop by and share a recipe or photo and I have assured her that it will be welcomed at any time.

While I would love to keep the blog going at the same pace it has been, it simply isn’t possible with my other responsibilities. I will continue to post photos and recipes and book & magazine reviews but likely not 4 times per week. I have also approached someone else about joining as a regular contributor – I will announce more on that if it works out.

Here are some changes that will be effective immediately:
-         Foodie Fridays will be indefinitely retired.
-         There will not be a regular posting schedule.
-         Recipes with a photo (or a book review) from readers will considered for contributing blog posts. (More details on this to come.)

Your prayers for Heather and her family are welcomed. I’m so grateful for the way she has inspired me with her many recipes, photos, book reviews, and articles this year. She is a great friend, a wonderful cook, and a dedicated wife, mother, educator, and pastor’s wife.

I’m keeping her bio and info listed in the tabs – much of this blog was her idea and she will always be a part of it.

We did not anticipate this necessary change and we appreciate your support and understanding as we transition. 
Alaina & Heather, The Cooks Next Door

P.S. We can be contacted at thecooksnextdoor@gmail.com.