Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Question

Hi. My name is Alaina and I used to menu plan.

When the new year starts, I always feel ambitious and inspired. I want to try new things and more than anything, I want to be a regular menu planner. I know it would make life easier because...true confession...I used to be a fairly successful weekly menu planner (do you like weekly or monthly plans?). Now, I occasionally make out a list and even less occasionally actually stick to it. WHY? I honestly don't know. Life happens, I get busy, there are a lot of poor excuses.

So, once again, I'm here at the beginning of the year and ready to dive in on menu planning. I know it will save money, reduce stress, and mean healthier eating for our family. I'm a little weary of failing and really, really want to be successful. So - I have two questions for you today that I hope it will be helpful to other readers.

1) Do you menu plan? How often? (Answer on the poll.)

2) What makes you successful (your top couple of tips)? (Please share in the comments.)

Ooh, can I add a third...pretty please...

3) Do you use any type of menu plan sheets, websites, recipe sites, freezer meals etc?

Yes, I realize that was about 5 extra questions not-so-subtly masked in one question. :)

Please, please help a girl who desperately wants to be back in the menu planning game.

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