Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Well, our good intentions failed... We really did intend to post last week but we took a vacation week instead. :) We actually got to spend a couple of days together with the rest of our siblings and family - we enjoyed great food, a lot of laughter, and many games. I have precisely zero pictures to show for this. Sigh.

While I didn't really make any new recipes, I did spend ALOT of time in the kitchen making:

Fudge - I combined the peanut butter and chocolate and made it double decker in a 9x13 pan (yum!), made more mocha coconut, and another batch of butter pecan fudge. Now, all of the leftovers must permanently disappear.

Cookies - Many dozen of many varieties.

Cinnamon Rolls - Pioneer Woman's recipe is my favorite. The frosting with the maple and coffee is divine but you can also make them with vanilla frosting. They are super easy and I've made them a few times this year... :)

Jalapeno Dip - This was a last minute decision and I was reminded again of how absolutely delicious and easy this is.

Caramel Corn - Two big batches were consumed in and embarassingly short amount of time. We shared with our neighbors and others but still...

Chex Mix - It's addictive and somehow never gets old. I can't stay out of this stuff!

Brie - Just yum. I could live on brie.

I'm sure I'm missings something...I did make a nutritious and delicious salad with spinach, mixed greens, pear, pecans, dried cranberries, feta, and balsamic dressing.

All in all, good food, wonderful holidays!

Did you make anything awesome? Any food goals for the coming year?

Welcome, 2012. Back to health and fitness - more of the time. :)

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  1. I made a vegetarian version of this:, which was really good. I also made a Zuccotto compliments of Martha Stewart: . . . another good recipe. I really want to try those pretzels, peanut butter truffles!