Saturday, September 10, 2016

Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwiches

Few things are better than a breakfast sandwich! It's comforting, delicious, and portable. These definitely made it on my freezer breakfast prep list. They are endlessly customizable and simple to assemble!

Assembled and ready to be wrapped!

Step 1: Choose your bread. English muffins and bagels work exceptionally well, but you can use whatever you like! (English muffins are the more economical choice and frequently go on sale or can be found in bulk at your local warehouse store.)

Step 2: Choose your meat. Meat is always optional, but my kids really like it and I want the extra protein it provides. Ham, canadian bacon (we chose a nitrate/nitrite free version for this batch), bacon, or sausage are all excellent. I'm thinking a chorizo one with pepper jack cheese would be delicious!

Step 3: Choose your cheese. We used a sharp cheddar this time which is a family favorite. Any sliced cheese would be fine, so mix and match to create your favorite combination!

Step 4: Cook your eggs. We did 6 or 8 at a time in an electric skillet (make sure it's nice and hot, so you keep a relatively round shape). We break the yolks and season with salt and pepper. Once they were finished, we put them on a cooling rack to cool before assembly.

Eggs cooked and ready for assembly.
Step 5: Customize. Do you like veggies, herbs, or other seasonings? Feel free to add them! We kept these basic because that's what our families like. 
Our breakfast sandwich components this time around.
Step 6: Assemble, wrap, and freeze. These are seriously easy! We wrap the individual sandwiches in plastic wrap (or wax paper bags) and then store 8 or so in a gallon freezer bag. 

DONE. These are a complete breakfast in themselves which I love. 

To Thaw: They take about 2 minutes to warm in the microwave or 4 minutes at 50%. 

What are your favorite breakfast sandwich ingredients?

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